How to activate the ReadyBoost feature in XP

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    Readyboost in XP
    Many XP users are desperate to use a feature like Vista Readyboost on XP. It seems in some cases that people hate to wait for a program to be released; which is a shame considering how the best things in life comes with patience. However, for those of you who can’t wait for programmers to release a simple application, you can use Windows XP unspoken Readyboost Feature.
    NOTE: Before reading the info below, be aware that even though it may appear simple, most people don’t know how to activate this feature properly. As a result to the aforementioned, many don’t achieve the expected results -> [For these users, I advice you to be patient and to wait for programmers to do their jobs]-> ALSO, BE SURE YOU HAVE A READYBOOST COMPATIBLE FLASH DRIVE, otherwise, you won’t see any difference in Window performance (even though you can use this feature on any flask drive). ... Readyboost in XP - Micro PC Talk Wiki

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