Lump: The No Legged Dog

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    Now, normally I do not like this site, but Joe Cartoon finally made me laugh with the interactive cartoon titled Lump: The No Legged Dog. It is stupid humour, but it is so dumb thats it's funny. Heres the link;
    So, what do you think? Post your comments.
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    pretty stupid. 2+2 was pretty funny though.
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    Yeah, that one was pretty funny.
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    i so hated that, i punched my sister!

    *she made a crying sound
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    Just out of curiosity, what did your sister have to do with your not liking a internet cartoon?
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    that was so stupid it's unbelievable.
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    Really dumb
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    The people whe made that shouldn't be allowed to even use a computer.
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    This stupid joke is as old as my grandfathers buckskin condom.
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    Jabberwocky, why would your grandpa keep an old buckskin condom? I mean, it is OLD?!? But really, when I came across this cartoon by a suggestion from a friend, I thought to my self, couldn't they come up with something better? I went back to it a few months later and watched it again. I realized as stupidly bad as it is, seeing a no legged dog flap his flippers is kind of funny. And yes I realize how horrible the cartoon is. I just wanted to see what you guys thought of it. I agree with Dark Shroud that the people that created and maintaned the site should not be allowed to use a computer. Better yet, they should not be allowed near anything that has any electronical or mechanical parts. To put it simply, they should be exiled to an Amish community... To be used as pack mules.

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