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How to set-up Star Downloader as the default Download Manager for Opera 7

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Posted 30 October 2003 - 08:39 PM

Many folks, myself included, prefer the efficiency & benefits of using a "Download Manager" for their internet downloads. My Download Manager of choice is Star Downloader (freeware with no adware/spyware). Star Downloader easily integrates into most of the more popular browsers, {Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla} but with Opera 7 it is a little more involved. A while back, wrote this up for some of my pals over at PC Tech Talk, so I thought I would re-post it here in case any of my fellow UTC Opera fans might want to try it out. (Besides, it was my first attempt at a "How To", and I was proud of it. (lol) ;) )

  • First, download and install Star Downloader. Open it up, select "Options."

  • At the top of the "Options List," select "Integration."

  • Check the boxes that apply, and click "Set to Default."

  • Close Star Downloader.

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  • Open Opera 7, At the top left of the page, on the tool bar, click on "File," then "Preferences."

  • When the "Preferences " window opens up, on the left hand side, select "File Types."

  • At the bottom of the preferences window, make sure to check the box next to "Determine action by file extension if MIME type is unreliable."

  • Then in the list box above, Select "application/x-msdownload," then click on "Edit." Do this for the 3 file types that I circled in the #3 screen shot, one at a time. Those are the ones you will get usually. There may be others that work as well, but I am not sure about them. I still get one every once in a while that won't use Star Downloader, I am still playing with the settings a little bit to see if I can get those as well. If the 3 file types aren't listed there, you may have to un check the box that says, "Hide file types opened with Opera." That will list many more, but the 3 I have circled in the #3 screen shot will certainly be there then.

  • A new window will open up that says, "File type." Down at the bottom of that window, select the box that says "Use plug-in."

  • Directly below that, there is a small rectangular window with a drop down button at the far right.

  • If "Star Downloader NS6/Opera Plug-in" is not there, click on the drop down triangle at the far right of that selection box, and it should be listed.

  • Select it. Click "OK." Then back at your "Preferences" window, click on "Apply," and then "OK."

  • After that, you should be set to go!

I have included 4 screen shots in a zip file attachment that might also help you out. If you have any problems, let me know.

Note - Integration for IE is easy. All you have to do are the steps with Star Downloader at the top of these instructions, and just make sure you select the "IE Integration" button.

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