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EasyNews and Censorship

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Posted 01 May 2008 - 11:58 AM

Recently, EasyNews has begun deleting hundreds of newsgroups based on the British IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) recommendations. The IWF is not a law enforcement agency but a private organization based in England that fancies itself as the Internet police.

EasyNews, in the past couple years has had many shady practices, including it's own small-scale censorship. They outright lie about their policies. They've recently removed any mention of not logging in their privacy policy, which means they can now legally do any logging they wish.

Within the last week, they've gone to full-scale censorship, while still claiming to be uncensored. They made no announcement of this, and it was only due to observant subscribers that this was ever made public. To me, it looks like this company has run itself into the ground, and I personally hope they take a strong hit in subscriptions, but I won't hold my breath on that.

Some discussions of this topic can be found on forum.easynews.com.

I'm hearing some words of some other American usenet providers following suit, although I have no confirmation yet. I'll look into it further. It looks like Giganews and other American providers (aside from EasyNews) are currently intact.

To me, this is nothing short of the beginning of the downfall of open, uncensored usenet. Make no mistake that this development is going to strongly influence all of usenet.

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Posted 01 May 2008 - 08:08 PM

I'd first make sure there's anything to complain about.

The IWF's list of newsgroups they think should be banned, was mainly aimed at child pornography. I notice that you kinda left that little detail out. Laws against child porn tend to be draconian, and they tend to be overly broad. Easynews may very will find itself facing criminal liability if they do not self=censor.

I'm not saying that censorship is okay, or even that that particular bit of it is okay,
I'm saying that you concealed this information, and that I do claim what you did is not okay. Failing to mention that is not okay.

Strike one, dude. I very much distrust your motives and your truthfulness now. What else haven't you mentioned?

There are a lot of news providers. If yours isn't providing what you want, go to another. Stop and tell me why this won't solve your problem, first. I have other problems with some of the other things you claim, but deal with that one first. If you don't like what Easynews is doing, then quit paying them. Go to somebody else. You say Giganews is *not* doing this. Pay them instead. Problem solved.